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And so begins the next frightening stage of my life

The human backside wasn’t designed for lengthy journeys in the saddle of a fold-up bike. It’s hard work!

A mile to my local station, and then four miles from Liverpool Street to my office. The worst road surfaces are where you’d least expect them: the supposedly gold-paved paths out of the City.

Still, it’s a damn fine way to lose weight: not just through the exercise but through the stress of avoiding being turned into road jam. And, it doesn’t matter how cool you think you look throughout the average day, if you ride one of these you do look like an idiot.


Self-important bit

I’m Victor Houghton, a, er... something or other in one of the UK’s largest advertising agencies. My job title has a comma in it, which is embarrassing. I’m the chief finder-things-outer with a splash of trends who is lucky to work with all the major functions of the agency, even though I am most closely associated with strategic planning. Everything in this blog has most probably been stolen from other, infinitely more talented people, although the opinions are most definitely my own and not those of the agency.



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