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The loudest website in the world?

I love the fact that the volume control on the BBC News video player can be cranked up to 11.


“How very dare you!”

It was unusual to see Contagious veer off into rant mode in one of its recent news alerts. Its flagship product, the quarterly Contagious Magazine, is a must-have for any advertising agency which doesn’t want to wither and die as an above-the-line dinosaur.
It was quite fun to see it rail against Ooh Am I In It? Weekly (otherwise known as Campaign), but not so much fun to see it pick on the two creative “girls” (the Contagious term, for they doth be blonde) who dared, in this week’s Private View, to say of Joost web ad

How is it different to ‘what we already have’ TV? Maybe if we knew exactly what Joost was, it’d work, but we don’t so it doesn’t.

One can almost hear the Contagious crew girding their loins in outrage at the supposed ignorance of the creative pair who really Ought To Know Better about this development in media (nicely covered in the latest issue of Contagious, I would like to point out).
But Contagious are SO missing the point… the duo (creatives talking about creativity – the cheek of it!) relate some of the YouTube comments left by other jaded watchers of the Joost ad. It really is saying something if YouTube viewers can’t make head nor tail of the virtually incomprehensible ad. And one would assume YouTube’s viewers contain a relatively sizeable constituency of new-media-friendly people.
After all, the ad doesn’t tell you what the blasted thing IS, a creative failure that two women of their profession were well able to notice.

Self-important bit

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