Shades of Titanic

This is peculiar. The following ad for the Halifax bank was apparently launched in 2003 and is being re-hashed and re-aired. I’m not entirely convinced that retail banks should be trying to project an image of overbearing chumminess, even if they’ve been running a cheerful campaign consistently for years.
We’re in a period of unprecedented consumer cynicism and the banks are right at the top of our shit list (at least according to last week’s Moodier Britain report from McCann Erickson), having been happily throwing cheap credit at us for years. It may be unfair to tar them all with the same brush, but ostentatious advertising like this isn’t going to inspire confidence in their ability to handle our money carefully.
And it doesn’t help that the imagery employed here is ripped straight from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, with a splash of Titanic. Not the best subliminal message to be projecting when just a few short months ago, we were wondering which high street banks were going to hit the wall.
As I said… peculiar.

Agency: DLKW


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