No marketing quiche, thank you. Give me the meat.

marrAfter a succession of busy evenings, I was delighted to finally find the opportunity to watch the last episode of Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain.

Watching something as good as this really does make one feel fulfilled. It’s the viewer’s equivalent of returning from a holiday in Scotland: after a diet of fried meat and weird things in batter, that refreshing dose of freshly smoothied fruit blasts those globules of fat from your liver.

My simple mind lacks the mental energy to find something profound in the mundane, and then unravel the hidden marketing message within. I prefer concepts that are so solid that you can touch them, such as understanding how people think and why our society is as it is.

Final words from the Marrster:

“Looking ahead, we world’s islanders, as we’ve become, are more open and perhaps more vulnerable than ever before. And yet to be born British remains a fantastic stroke of luck!”


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